Welcome to Beals Institute

The Beals Institute was established to provide the highest quality and state of the art health care for arthritis, autoimmune disease, and osteoporosis.


Alyce M.

You are the best medicine a gal could have! God blessed you with such caring and dedication for people that enter your life. I am so blessed to have you care so much.

Aletha K.

We want to express our gratitude for the good professional care you provide. You are a very gifted professional. You listen with your heart and mind.

Lois B.

I wanted to take a few minutes to express my appreciation for the excellent care you give me when I come to the office. I truly feel you know more about all my medical needs than most of my other doctors. You are rare in that you look at "the whole picture" and not just one part of me or one issue at a time. I feel very comfortable with you.

Sharon W.

You make us all feel special, loved, valued, and cared for. Thank you for all you do and everything you are.

MaryJo I.

You were always so kind and thoughtful with us and we truly appreciate you for it. Over the years that you worked with us, you always gave so much consideration and helped us to try to get around our unique problems, often coming up with innovative ideas that seemed to help so much. You became sort of our "heroine".

Tina H.

I sincerely appreciate you and all that you have done for me. I know that if it wasn't for you, I would not have a life. You saved mine, and I am eternally grateful.

Carolyn J.

Thank you so much for being the bright spot in my search for what was causing my back problems. Most of my journey has been frustrating, painful, and upsetting. I knew that when I talked to you I felt hopeful and focused on my alternatives. You rank as one of my favorite doctors in my vast medical experience.